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No hago otra cosa que encontrarme reflejada en frases de películas. Si, soy adicta a casi que coleccionar frases con las que en algún momento me identifiqué, que en algún momento reflejaron lo que me pasaba o me pasa. Yo que creía que la vida ocasionaaaaalmente emulaba alguna situación novelesca (casi siempre de manera forzada) hoy me doy cuenta que no siempre es así. A veces, es al revés…

Hoy me encontré reflejada en un par, y en algunas más de lo que me gustaría.

“The truth is… I gave my heart away a long time ago, my whole heart… and I never really got it back.”  Sweet Home Alabama

“The truth is… well, the truth is, I have met the right person, and he’s not in love with me, and until I stop loving him, no one else really has a chance.” – Four Weddings and a Funeral

I know what you’re looking for, some sort of closure. Something to ease the pain, but closure doesn’t exist. You’re going to feel this in some form or another forever because that’s how it feels… when you loose the love of your life. And even if you could wake up tomorrow and not feel this pain, you wouldn’t really want that either. Because that hurt is the most sure reminder you have of what he truly meant to you. And that, you won’t ever want to forget. -“


“And I watch with a breaking heart as you slowly fade away. I find myself straining to remember everything about this moment, everything about you. But soon, always too soon, your image vanishes and the fog rolls back to its far away place and I am alone on the pier and I do not care what others think as I bow my head and cry and cry and cry.” – Message in a bottle